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        Anhui Huayu Security Group Co. Ltd..
        • 電話 : 18098776866 18955719119
        • 地址 : 宿州市埇橋區銀河三路萬達華城 2-1 幢 2802 室









           First of all, I sincerely thank you for giving us Anhui Huayu Security Group Co., Ltd. cooperation opportunities. We are very honored to introduce and express our strong desire to participate in your security cooperation!
           Anhui Huayu Security Group Co., Ltd. was approved and registered by the national public security department. As the first standardized pilot unit, the company’s management team is retired from the army. It has provided and is responsible for security services for many listed companies, and has been fully affirmed by listed companies. Moreover, it has been assessed as an excellent security group company by the Security Association for many times, and it is also the first security group company in Anhui to implement semi-militarized management.
           Anhui Huayu Security Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "professionalism, focus and concentration" with a strong management team and professional service team.
           There is not much we can do, but we can do better.We attach great importance to this opportunity to participate and look forward to cooperating with your organization!

        wish you all the best!